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Case Study: Medical Practice Comms Cabinet Cleanup

Many Australian medical practices use practice management software such as best practice or medical director which still require on premise servers.  Combine this with the sheer number of PCs in a busy practice and the infrastucture can often become complex.  

One area that is often forgotten about is the medical practices comms cabinet.  As this is often away from public view and added to over time, it can easily turn into a nightmare as time progresses.  An attentive MSP managing a practices IT will tidy as they add additional equipment, neatly labelling all devices and ensuring there’s adequate airflow.

But in the case of this medical practice, the comms cabinet was a mess.  We actually don’t look after the IT at this location (we do at another one), but the practice owner asked us to work our magic on the comms cabinet which we were happy to assist with.

We arrived at the pratice in regional NSW close to closing time on a weeknight.  The brief was for no disruption to the business, so the project was to be performed after hours.  As soon as the last doctor logged out we sprung into action.

We labelled all devices, taking pictures and notes on connections and routing.  The old cabling was removed completely.  We then removed all devices, cleaned and replaced these in logical order to reduce cable runs & heat.  Cable management systems were also installed in the cabinet.  We ran new cabling to devices, using colour coded cables to ease support in the future.  All cable bunches were neatly tied, reducing heat & space.  We also we neatened up the power cabling, removed multiple power boards and installed a UPS to safeguard against power failures.

There was a second comms cabinet in another building which we performed identical work on during the night.  Once complete we tested all devices prior to sign off on the job and the search for a late night pizza 🙂

2nd cabinet for the night

The end result was two neat comms cabinets, easily accessible and a server that was running cooler & quieter.  Server & device life is closely linked with heat & dust so I’m sure we’ve added longevity to the expensive infrastucture in the cabinet.

Our team on the night, Andrew & John are seasoned cabling and electrical experts, and pulled this one off without issue, within time and on budget.

If you’d like us work our magic on your comms cabinet we’d be happy to help out.  Call us today on 02 4228 2000 or click here get in contact with one of our team