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Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Univerge Blue & BYOD Rooms

Video Conferencing solutions

Revolutionize your organization's productivity with our customized video conferencing solutions. Say goodbye to the frustrations of technical glitches and free up your IT resources from constant troubleshooting.

Our solutions offer seamless connectivity, ensuring that every meeting runs smoothly, and every participant is seen and heard clearly.

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AST Meeting Software

Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Univerge Blue & BYOD Rooms

Choose from a Range of Popular Platforms or Opt for Custom Solutions

Flexible Integration: Our systems can integrate with existing communication platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, and others, aligning perfectly with your business's needs.

• Advanced UCaaS Options: We also specialize in sophisticated UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solutions, including NEC Univerge Blue Connect & Meet.

• Popular Meeting Platforms Supported: Our solutions are compatible with widely used platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and Univerge Blue Meet, among others.

A Solution for Any Size Room

Mini Room

Perfect place for one or two people to work together on a project or meet with an extended team over video.

AST Mini Room

Mini Room 1 - 2 People

Small meeting spaces are increasingly popular as businesses look for cost-effective ways to enhance their video conferencing capabilities. By upgrading these often underutilized quiet rooms with affordable yet high-quality equipment, companies are achieving a better return on investment.

Huddle / Meeting Room

Ideal for smaller teams and sub-teams to meet for real-time collaboration or one on one client interaction.

AST Hudle Room 1

Huddle Room 6 People

Huddle rooms are perfect for small teams or sub-teams that need a dedicated space for real-time collaboration. Equipping these rooms with a smart video conferencing system transforms them into dynamic environments where up to six team members can gather for highly effective, real-time meetings.

Conference Room

Ideal for groups to meet and build relationships through regular, face-to-face business conversations.

AST Medium Room

Med Conference Room - 6-15 people

Our medium-sized conference rooms are equipped with larger screens and high-resolution cameras for clear visuals. This setup is ideal for larger meetings, facilitating effective communication and collaboration in a more spacious setting.

Large Conference Room / Auditorium

Perfect place for larger groups to collaborate, learn & share ideas.

AST large Room

Large Conference Room 16+ People

Our large conference rooms are tailored to cater to groups of over 16, offering ample space for settings such as boardrooms, classrooms, or auditoriums. These rooms typically feature dedicated, rack-mountable hardware and are equipped with high-end visual and audio equipment.

Design & Installation

It's More Than Just Technology

Seamless Room Integration: Our video conferencing systems are designed to blend into your space, with cable-free setups, correctly positioned screens and cameras, and user-friendly operation.

• Tailored to Your Needs: We conduct free site assessments to craft a solution that fits your budget, matches the aesthetics of your room, and supports your business objectives.

• Available in Multiple Locations: Our installation services are offered in Wollongong, Southern Highlands, South Coast NSW, and Southern Sydney.

AST Meeting Room Installation

Let’s get started with a free no-obligation chat about your video conferencing needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About IT Support Services

Video conferencing systems range in price depending on what you are trying to achieve.  As the room gets larger, we install bigger screens, better cameras and additional microphones & speakers.  Prices can range from $2,000+ for a small meeting room / huddle room up to $10,000+ for larger rooms.

IT support typically refers to services that address specific issues as they arise, often on an ad-hoc basis. Managed services, on the other hand, involve ongoing oversight and administration of your IT environment, focusing on prevention of issues and long-term system health.

You can easily control your video conference system camera via a handy remote control.  Cameras can also be setup to auto adjust to the number of people it detects in the room, saving the need to manually adjust.

Yes.  Our solutions include a small PC that can run all the common meeting software available and new software as it is released, ensuring your investment is protected into the future.

Let's transform the way you conduct business meetings today.

Elevate your meeting experience with our state-of-the-art video conferencing solutions.  Provide your details and we’ll put together pricing that suits your business and your budget.