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Daylight Savings Time change Info


Changing the time and date on your Samsung Telephone System From any Display handset follow these instructions with the handset down With the handset “on hook” ie hung up

Press TRSF

Dial 200 then 1234 1


Dial 505

The display then shows the layout for the date and time as below WMMDDYYHHMM

W = Day of week with “1” being Monday

MM = Month

DD = Date of Month

YY = Year

HH = Hour

MM = Minute

Enter the current time and date as per this layout Ie Tuesday 29th March 2005 @ 1:32 pm is 2 03 29 05 1332

Then press TRSF to save


From Operator Telephone

Select on screen menu
Select Operator then enter password (default password HELP1954)
Select Clock then change time using left/right key and Ok key.
Press hangup key to exit.


From Reception Phone


Dial 041 then Date (Eg. 100315 = 3 Oct 2015)


Dial Time HHMM



SL1100, SL2100, SV8100, SV9100

Enter 728
Enter the 2 digits for the hour in military time (00-24)
Enter the 2 digits for the minutes 00-59
Press SPEAKER to hang up.

For example to change the time to 3:30 PM you would enter the following
Dial 728 15 30

Xen Axis, Alpha, Master & IPK

Set Time & Date:

Press FEATURE button
Dial 9 and # button
Use dial buttons to enter Hours and Minutes
Press RECALL button to change AM/PM
Press HOLD button to change Date
Press RECALL button to change Day of Week
Press # button to move cursor to date
Enter Date using dial buttons
Press RECALL button to change Month
Press # to move cursor to Year
Dial last 2 digits of year
Press FEATURE button


Press the SPEAKER key
Dial 728
Dial two digits for the hour (24 hour clock, 13 = 1 pm)
Dial 2 digits for the minutes (00-60)
Press SPEAKER to hang up

NEC Topaz

Press SPK
Dial 828
Dial two digits for the hour (00-24)
Dial two difits for the minutes (00-60)

Press SPK to hang up

Commander Connect

To Set the Time and Date:
(When entering into programming mode do not lift the receiver )

  • From the Programming Station press the Programming Key Press the Scroll Down Key until System Programming is displayed
  • Select System Programming (using grey menu key next to display)
  • Enter the System Programming Password – 1111.
  • If System Programming Password fails and display shows Invalid on display contact AST Technologies for assistance 1300 338 266.
  • Select System (using grey menu key next to display)
  • Select Time and Date (using grey menu key next to display)
  • Enter the correct time in 24-hour format, (e.g. 1:30pm as 1330). The display will prompt for date to be entered
  • Enter in the correct date in DDMMYY format, (e.g. 1 January 2001, 010101) The display will now revert back to programming menu.
  • Press [HANDSFREE] key to finish programming.
  • Note: Following a system reset, the time shown will be 12:00 with the date 01-01-99.
  • In the event of a power failure, you will need to reset the time and date.
  • Text in a BOX indicates relevant area from keystation display Please refer to page 54 in the Commander Connect Owners Handbook for information.