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Whether you need a new alarm system installed in your office or an entire alarm upgrade for your warehouse, we have the latest in security technology solutions to give you peace of mind.

We understand the importance of robust and reliable security for your business. Specializing in customized alarm solutions, we offer an array of security systems that cater to various business and industry requirements. From standalone, integrated, hardwired, to wireless systems, our expertise ensures compatibility with your specific business needs.

We work with the top Australian brands, we deliver security solutions that are not only robust but also tailored to your business's infrastructure. All of our Security Systems can be Monitored over 4/5G, NBN & IP networks.

Customised Alarm Solutions for your Business:

  • Diverse Range of Systems: We specialize in a variety of security systems including standalone, integrated, hardwired, and wireless options, ensuring compatibility with different business needs and industries.
  • Working with Leading Brands: We collaborate with top Australian brands to bring you robust security solutions tailored to your business’s infrastructure.
  • Advanced Monitoring Capabilities: Our Security Systems offer monitoring over 4/5G, NBN, and IP networks, ensuring reliable and continuous security coverage.
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Onsite Consulting & Design for Tailored Security

Crafting Personalized Security Strategies: Ensuring Complete Protection for Your Unique Space

Customised Solutions: We conduct onsite audits to understand your specific needs, crafting custom solutions that fit both your requirements and budget.

Comprehensive Coverage: Our tailored approach ensures complete protection, eliminating dead spots and insecure areas, perfect for large complexes, warehouses, and other other challenging sites where security is essential.

Modern Alarm Systems Integrated with your Infrastructure

Modern Alarm Systems are more than Lights & Sirens

Beyond Basic Alarms: Our alarm systems integrate seamlessly with your existing business infrastructure, providing complete control and enhanced security.

Multi-Function Integration: Integration options include door locks, smoke detectors, fire alarms, intercoms, CCTV, motion sensors, and more, for a comprehensive security setup.

Remote Connectivity and Control: Systems connect to monitoring services via 4/5G, NBN & IP networks and provide notifications via email or SMS. They can also be remotely armed and disarmed through a mobile app.

Installation by Licensed Professionals 

We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards

Expert Installation Team: Specialising in both commercial and government installations, we handle projects ranging from small office setups to large multi-site deployments, including challenging environments like mine sites and industrial areas.

Certified and Compliant: Holding a Master Security License (4107752977) and ACMA Master Cabler certification, our installations comply with Australian standards, ensuring safety and reliability.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Alarm Systems

Monitored alarm systems offer 24/7 surveillance, and in the event of an alarm trigger, a monitoring center can notify authorities or your designated contacts, ensuring a rapid response to threats.

Yes, modern alarm systems often support integration with other security and IT systems. This can enhance overall security, streamline operations, and improve efficiency.

False alarms can be minimised by training employees on how to use the system, regularly testing the system, and ensuring sensors are properly calibrated and maintained.

Yes, many alarm systems offer remote access through smartphone apps or web interfaces. This allows you to arm/disarm the system, view camera feeds, and receive alerts from anywhere.

The choice of alarm system depends on your specific needs. Common options include intrusion alarms, fire alarms, access control systems, and surveillance cameras. A security professional can assess your requirements and recommend the most suitable solution.

We can help you to conduct a security risk assessment to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats. Factors such as location, industry, and the value of assets can help determine the appropriate security measures.

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure your alarm system functions optimally. This includes battery replacement, software updates, and periodic testing to detect and address any issues.

In the event of an intrusion, our alarm systems can notify you in several ways, including loud sirens on the premises, instant notifications to your phone, and alerts to our monitoring center, which can then contact emergency services if necessary.

Let's Protect Your Business with a Quality Alarm System.

Whether you’re looking to secure a small office or need a comprehensive alarm system for a large warehouse, AST Technologies has the expertise to deliver a security solution that meets your unique needs.