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What are SIP Trunks?

SIP Trunking is a technology that enables calls and other forms of communication over the internet. It replaces the old telephone copper network.

SIP trunks help reduce costs and provide advanced features for Australian businesses.  With the NBN infrastructure in Australia, SIP voice is the best choice for business communication.

SIP Trunks can be directly connected to phone handsets, on premise & CloudPBX systems as well as Microsoft Teams and other communication platforms.

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunk Options

Flexible SIP Trunk Plans

We offer different plans to suite your business.

  • Pay-as you go
  • Local & National Included
  • Local, National & Mobile Included

  • Direct In-Dail Numbers

    We can supply single or blocks of 10 or 100 representing anywhere in Australia you choose. We can also port your existing numbers over if you want to keep them.

    1300/1800 Numbers

    1300 or 1800 numbers are easy for your clients to remember, look professional, and cost the same to call from anywhere in the country (mobiles excluded).

    Fax to Email

    Replace your traditional fax with a fax to email service. No hardware required. Faxes sent to this number end up at your designated email address as a pdf. Easy.

    MS Teams SIP Trunks

    The cost effective way to enable MS Teams calling

    SIP Trunks are the cost effective way to deploy Microsoft Teams Calling.

    They provide cost effective voice rates, and the ability to match the number of simultaneous calls to your requirements.

    SIP Trunks connect via a SBC into your Microsoft Teams Phone system. Using Microsoft Teams calling allows your business to unify voice, Video, Chat and File Sharing on the one platform.

    SIP for Microsoft Teams is perfect for businesses wanting to move on to the Microsoft Teams Phone System but not needing a call channel for every user.

    We can provide the latest Teams Calling handsets and Teams Room video conferencing equipment if you require.

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