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Business Hardware & Software

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In the fast-paced world of business, having the right hardware and software is essential for success. At AST, we understand this need and provide top quality Business Hardware & Software Installation & Support services.

Why choose AST?

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PC’s, Laptops, Workstations & Servers

Business grade hardware with outstanding onsite warranty

  • We partner with companies renowned for reliable IT equipment, often providing extended onsite warranties.

  • Our services include pre-configuring and installing hardware onsite, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

  • Our technical team adheres to best practices for the safety and security of your data and staff.

Network Equipment

Keeping your business connected

  • We specialise in creating network solutions, from simple Wi-Fi setups to complex multi-location systems.
  • Our focus is on security, reliability, and scalability to keep your business connected.
  • Our goal is to protect your business data and ensure seamless connectivity for your employees.
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Printers & Peripherals

Streamline your business with the latest in office tech

  • We offer a variety of office technology products, including high-volume printers and essential peripherals like backup devices, dual monitor setups, docking stations, and tablets.

  • Our aim is to enhance productivity and satisfaction in your workspace, be it in an office or a home office environment.

Don't let outdated network equipment slow down your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Business Hardware

Consider your business needs, including software compatibility, performance requirements, scalability, and budget. Look for hardware that can handle your specific workload and has potential for future upgrades.

Warranties and support are crucial for minimizing downtime in case of hardware failure. Look for products with extended warranties and reliable customer support to ensure quick resolutions to any technical issues.

This depends on your business needs. Desktop PCs generally offer better performance and easier upgrades at a lower cost but lack mobility. Laptops are preferable for their portability, which is beneficial for remote or traveling employees.

Typically, workstations and servers should be evaluated for upgrades every 3-5 years, but this can vary based on the demands of your business operations and the rate of technology advancement.

Ready to enhance your business operations with top-quality IT equipment?

Explore our range of PCs, laptops, workstations, and servers, all backed with outstanding onsite warranties. Contact us now for cutting-edge network solutions that ensure security, reliability, and scalability.