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Access Control Systems

Design, Installation & Maintenance

Access control systems use methods like keycards, biometrics, and electronic locks to restrict entry to specific areas, enhancing security. Users present credentials like a card, fob, or biometric data, which are then verified by the system for access permission.

AST Technologies offers comprehensive services for designing, installing, and maintaining access control systems, ensuring the safety and security of your business. Our systems are adept at controlling both external and internal access, making them perfect for a wide range of applications, from corporate environments to various industry-specific needs.

Access Control Systems

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Key Features of Our Access Control Systems

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What is an Access Control System and how do they work?

Access Control Systems typically include proximity card readers, and electronic locking devices which are installed on all restricted access areas.

The Access Control System is then programmed by an administrator to define the entrances, times and rules of entry for each valid user. This information is then distributed to the various door, elevator and control panels to enable access to be granted to the valid user on presentation of their credential holder to the proximity reader.

Credential holders are normally in the form of a swipe card, fob or remote although Biometric readers (facial, fingerprint or eye recognition) are also used to identify users access rights.

Credential Options

Users can gain access using swipe cards, fobs, remotes, or biometric readers (like facial, fingerprint, or eye recognition), depending on the chosen system. This flexibility allows for secure and efficient user identification and access control.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries

Recognising that each industry has unique requirements, AST Technologies specialises in customising access control systems. We have successfully implemented systems in sectors including educational institutions, healthcare facilities, government buildings, sports facilities, warehouses, industrial factories, and corporate offices.

Industry-Specific Expertise

Our experience spans a broad spectrum of environments, from schools and hospitals to gyms and retail spaces. We understand the distinct security challenges of different sectors and tailor our solutions to meet these unique needs.

Comphrensive Security for Your Organisation

With our access control systems, track and manage who accesses various areas of your organization. This ensures the safety of your staff, protects sensitive information, and maintains overall security.

Installation & Maintenance Services

Whether you're looking to secure a small office or a large multi-site facility, our team has the expertise to deliver the right solution tailored to your specific needs.

Professional Installation: Our licensed technicians are skilled in installing access control systems in a variety of settings, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Maintenance and Upgrades: We provide regular maintenance services to keep your systems up to date and functioning optimally. As technology evolves, we offer upgrades to incorporate new features like AI-based solutions or advanced biometric recognition.

AST Technologies' access control systems offer a blend of advanced technology and industry-specific customisation, providing a secure and efficient solution to manage access within your organisation.

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Access Control for your Industry 

AST Technologies specialise in developing access control systems for specific industries

While controlling access and movement within a business is the most common use of Access Control Systems there are a lot of systems to choose from, some are tailored to specific industries, environment or facility.

Each of our clients have had their own unique requirements and our team at AST Technologies can provide expert advice to ensure you make the right choice for your business.

Some of our clients include Schools, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Hotels, Government & Open Spaces, Gyms & Sports Facilities, Warehouses, Industrial Factories, Mines, Multi Level Apartments, Corporate Offices & Retail Spaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Access Control Systems

These systems streamline building security, eliminating the need for physical keys, and allow you to customise access based on specific roles and times, increasing both safety and operational efficiency.

Yes, especially with cloud-based systems. They can be integrated with other software and managed remotely, allowing easy modification of access rights and schedules.

Yes, they can be integrated with systems like CCTV, time and attendance, and visitor management.

Access control systems begin with a consultation with us at AST Technologies. Hardware will be needed for physical access systems, including card or fob readers, door switches, and a control panel. The control panel is integral to the system and controls all the different access points of the building. Access control systems are versatile and can grow with your business, so if you need a bigger system, simply integrate a new control panel.

No, access control systems are extremely versatile and can work on a variety of entries and exits such as elevators, gates, parking restrictions, vehicles, and garage doors.

This advanced technology uses unique human characteristics like fingerprints and facial recognition to grant access, offering increased security and accountability.

Not necessarily. Main changes usually involve the software and controller, with some locks needing updates to meet standards.

Yes, as systems have battery backup plans for emergencies to keep the access control system functioning. If the power is out for longer than the battery backup can accommodate, this is a situation in which you would need to utilise physical keys.

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