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Calendars, task lists, and project planning are crucial tools in the business world. Many people rely on Microsoft's suite of apps like Planner, Microsoft To Do, and Project for the web to manage these tasks. These tools

Growing up, Steve Jobs (apple) once helped his father build a fence around their family home in Mountain View. While working, his father shared a piece of advice with Jobs: “You’ve got to make the back of

Businesses tend to focus less on preventative maintenance of their I.T. infrastructure, but in businesses where we perform this maintenance, the I.T. renewal spend reduces substantially over time. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your IT infrastructure, such

One of the biggest challenges in branding your business is ensuring all of your employees email signatures are consistent across all of their devices. This can be a logistical nightmare and often placed in the too hard

Just five or six years ago, VoIP was still considered a “different” type of business phone system. One that wasn’t the norm. But the pandemic changed that way of thinking. Now internet-based phone systems aren’t simply the

“Hybrid office” is the new buzzword you’ll hear used in business discussions. We hear it all the time in discussions with Illawarra, South Coast & Southern Highlands businesses.  It’s the mix of having employees both working at

When you see those people with two monitors, you may assume they do some specialised work that requires all that screen space, or they just really like technology. But having the additional display real estate that a

The shift to remote work over the last two years has caused our clients to realign their digital tools. Now, many meetings default to being via video conference rather than in person, and working from home has

Whether you work remotely or in an office, the line between personal and work tasks can become blurred when working on your company computer. If you’re in front of a computer for most of your time during

Mobile phishing threats skyrocketed by 161% in 2021. Here at AST we know your best safeguards against the continuous onslaught of phishing include: Email filtering DNS filtering Next-gen antivirus/anti-malware Ongoing employee cybersecurity awareness training To properly train

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