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Michael February 3, 2022 0 Comments

Complexities abound when shifting from the remote workforce of 2021 to the new hybrid work that will dominate 2022 and beyond.

As the country vaccinates and rebounds post-COVID-19, we can all go back to the office, right? Wrong. The hybrid workforce is here to stay, and businesses are racing to accommodate remote workers and office workers and so many who are somewhere in the middle.

Regardless of worker location, your hybrid workforce needs to stay connected with customers and with each other. Continued productivity and business operations depend on it. As long as you keep three principles in mind, a hybrid work model won’t be so complicated after all.

Download our white paper “How to Define Your Hybrid Work Model” to learn:

  • Why many influencers believe the hybrid work model will be more disruptive than remote work
  • How to ensure continued connection with the constituents who matter most
  • What ‘crazy / simple’ business communications looks like

You’ll need to address many variables in the post-COVID era―what changes to make to the office, which new processes to define, and how to keep employees safe and productive―but knowing the right principles for managing communications with hybrid workforce may be the most critical for keeping your business humming through it all.

Download “How to Define Your Hybrid Work Model” today.

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Hybrid Campaign Email Header 1