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Michael January 4, 2022 0 Comments

Access Control in a post-COVID reality

The arrival of COVID-19 has forced us to think about everything we touch on a daily basis: handrails, door handles, lift buttons to name a few. This of course has brought about a rapid change in workspace practices, as communal buildings are high-risk environments for cross-infection.

As Australia begins its slow journey back to business in 2022, we enter a reality where touch free Access Control for safety and security has gone from a benefit to a necessity. The pandemic has seen fast tracked projects that may otherwise have taken years to deploy – from access control to secure building practices, and many of these changes are likely to endure in the long term.

There has been a noticeable increase in the need for access control to protect assets during the absence of staff, allow essential operations to continue safely, and to apply security improvements during this unique time.

We have seen sites installing hardware to support best practice outcomes, such as exit readers to control the number of people in a given area and for accurate contact tracing records, and bio- metric readers for frictionless access and thermal imaging cameras with relays that control door access. Visitors also bring challenges for organisations and clients have been working to improve the use of visitor management systems to address the risks they pose.

If you are looking at going down this path AST Technologies has the knowledge in both projecting and installation.

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