March 2, 2015

National Broadband Network (NBN)

What is the NBN?

Put simply, fast internet access. In the majority of cases it will be faster than what you are currently getting from your provider. And it is coming, slowly but surely. It will be on your doorstep soon.

What does this mean?

If it will affect you, then it means that you will need to be ready and be prepared to make a few changes. Do you know if your phone system is compatible? Do you know how and or if it will affect you? This is where we can help you.

“WARNING” Please be aware of telemarketers calling your place of business and telling you that you need a new telephone system because yours is NOT compatible to NBN!

In all instances that we have been involved, THIS IS NOT THE CASE! DO not order new phone system until you have all the facts, call us to discuss or set up a meeting to get more information. Please don’t leave it until the last minute to do something about it and then try and get it all done in a hurry, too easy to make mistakes that way.

Contact AST Technologies on Ph: 1300 338 266 or by clicking here to email, to discuss what you may need and what plans best suit you.

For details of when NBN may be coming to your business click here to go to NBN Co. website. And check out the roll out map.

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