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As we all know technology is a constantly moving playing field and often changes the way we do business. At AST Technologies we keep learning new technologies, how they may apply to your business and how they may improve how you do business. We believe that most business owners want to concentrate on running their businesses and not having to worry about the technology in their business, they just want it to work so they can concentrate in running their business.

AST Technologies has several plans available that will suit your business, from break fix to unlimited support. Through our network of suppliers, we have the ability to choose the products that will best suit our clients. Some of our many products are Datto, Lenovo, HP, Eset, Microsoft, Purple, Mikrotik. AST Technologies is also NSW Government Endorsed Supplier. Supplier number 11213939

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Can you rely on your backups? Do you know what is being backed up? How often are you backing up? How good is your retention? Where are your backups? Are your backups crippling your server or internet? Why ask all these questions….Because no business can afford downtime! At AST we take backups seriously, they are a key component to a good IT environment, and to your peace of mind, speak to us today about how we can keep your data protected.


Spam, Trojan’s, Malware, Spyware, RANSOMWARE! With more and more businesses taking up cloud technology it’s becoming ever more critical to have endpoint security. Powerful new technology like behavioural monitoring have been developed to combat more advanced viruses that your simple Anti-virus may only find once the damage has been done.

Support and Service

Have you taken up cloud technologies? Are you being held back by your internet connection? Are you hosting your own cloud? At AST we can ensure you remain connected to the services you pay for, increase speeds and reliability and protect your business from downtime.

Since 2006 AST Technologies has delivered IT Services to businesses just like yours. At this time we are in a growth stage for IT services. We have a long and well established track record for excellent results, our team of technician’s focus has been on prevention, your business will benefit by partnering with AST as we are as committed to your business success as you are.

Partnering with AST Technologies IT Support, your business will experience the following benefits:

  • IT phone Help Desk
  • Multi-site networking
  • Onsite support
  • Remote Support
  • Network Security and Anti-virus
  • Wi-Fi setting and maintaining
  • Managed Network
  • Data Backup and Recovery, on premise and Cloud
  • Supply Servers and Data Storage units
  • Managed Servers and Storages
  • Supply Desktop PCs, Laptops and Smart devices
  • Managed PCs
  • Consultation for new projects
  • Delivery and implementation of new projects
  • Running Status of network, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Regular updating of System
  • Regular checks of System Processes to enhance productivity & efficiency
  • Better productivity = better profits
  • Downtime will be minimised
  • Reliability, will be greatly enhanced, maximise up-time
  • Maintenance essentials option, for reduced on-going costs of your IT infrastructure
  • Security and Firewall Management from Spam, Trojan’s, Malware, Spyware, RANSOMWARE
  • Layman speak and not tech speak
  • Useful advice to improve network and business practices

If you want further information, please contact us on 1300 338 266 or contact us online below.

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