Next IP Network

Telstra Next IP® Network

Telstra has made it possible for small to medium businesses to access the same network as large enterprise, the only difference is pricing, it is now very affordable for businesses to take advantage of this great network.

The Next IP network will integrate with Telstra’s NextG network to give you great coverage Australia wide for more than 95% of Australian businesses.

Telstra’s IP network solutions include Business IP, Connect IP wide area network (WAN) solutions and IP MAN

Business IP

This product is suitable for a larger organisation, it has complex, flexible and very diverse business requirements. Business IP is a WAN solution that provides a secure connection to the cloud.

Connect IP

Great product for multi branch businesses, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. Connect IP is a WAN solution that links multiple business sites to the cloud securely with reliability and ease.


This simple product is designed to improve business productivity across a number of sites, flexible Ethernet-on-fibre network service that provides a simple way to connect sites to the cloud. IP MAN is a Metropolitan area product. Want to know more?

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