Message On Hold

Are you still playing the radio or worse still those famous jingles on your phone system?

Playing the radio to you callers while they’re waiting on hold could cost you more than you think.

What are Messages on Hold?

Messages on hold are what are played on your telephone system when a call is placed on hold or transferred to an extension of the phone system. Traditionally these messages are written by business owners or scripted by copywriters, usually voiced by professional voice artists and then mixed with license free music.

Why Messages On Hold?

Messages On Hold have been around for a long time now, at least over 25 years, It has always been recognised as one of the best and by far one of the most cost effective marketing tools available on the market today. Most business people go to great lengths in creating and forming a professional visual image and appearance for their business, but little thought is given to the impression that is created when a potential customer makes their first contact via a telephone call to their business.
This initial call is what will create an impression on your customers. The answering, the transferring and the placing of calls on Hold are the vital ingredient for how your customers will perceive your business.

Who would listen to your message?

A very large number of incoming calls (our enquiries suggest somewhere between 75 and 85%) are placed on Hold. This then becomes an excellent opportunity to utilise Messages On Hold marketing. Your callers will be more than interested hearing about the business that they are dealing with. AST Technologies have simple and easy to install message on hold system, we can also help you to manage it so that you can get the best out of this marketing tool. While your customers are waiting on Hold, you have their undivided attention for a couple of minutes. Make the best of this situation for your business.

How can you get message on hold?

There are two ways to get good quality professional Message On Hold marketing working on your phone system.

One option is to have a subscription type environment, where you pay a monthly amount and you will get your messages changed a number of times per year, for some business with changing products and services this is a great way to keep your marketing up to date.

Another option is to purchase Media player and have your messages recorded with license free music, then upgrade as required sometimes once a year or even two years, this option is great for business with static products and services.

Either way AST Technologies can help you deploy the Message on Hold of your choice.

From as low as $ 365.00* ex GST we can supply a commercial grade MP3 Player, preloaded with license free music and optional voice-over.

We can start getting your phone system to promote you, and NOT other businesses.

“We all know how annoying it is, when we hear the radio on hold and it is all static and off station! This costs your business more, as people just hang up and often don’t call back”.

AST Technologies will help you select both the right voice-over and the best style of music to your callers. We can help with the writing of your script or arrange to have it written for you by professionals.

Within 7 days your phone system could be sounding 100% better!

Our Messages and Music On Hold device and plans could potentially save you a lot of money and create new opportunities that were not there before. Just ask our team how.

Please phone 1300 338 266 or email us to find out how Messages On Hold can benefit your business and how cost effective this marketing program can be.

*Subject to your system capabilities and requirements, installation fees may apply.

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