Managed Cloud PBX

Managed Cloud PBX


CN Cloud PBX provides all the features of a business grade phone system + unified communications hosted in the cloud. With CN Cloud PBX there is no hardware to purchase, manage or maintain. You simply pay a monthly charge for the voice services that you use, and you can scale up or down as your business requirements change. This removes the risks and cost associated with owning or maintaining your own equipment. You can also reduce your call costs dramatically with free inter-office calls either same site, multi-site, home office or on the road. Plus, the reduced need for onsite support means your savings grow every year.


As your business grows CN Cloud Telephony allows you the flexibility to scale your telephone system up or down with no need for expensive hardware upgrades.

Your Cloud Telephony solution can be rapidly provisioned and there is no installation scheduling or delays. Simple and rapid deployment also means you can add features or services to meet your needs and your customer needs as quickly as they arise.


CN Cloud Telephony also allows you to increase employee productivity with powerful enterprise grade Unified Communications features such as Presence management that help you communicate and work more effectively.

CN’s Cloud Communicator supports Windows, MAC, Linux, Android and iOS. CN’s Cloud Communicator client provides an all in one softphone, Instant Messaging and Presence engine, along with Google, Outlook and Exchange contact synchronisation. It also allows you to initiate and manage audio conferences via a graphical user interface. You can choose between using the in-built softphone or pairing Cloud Communicator with a handset to provide easy and flexible call management through its intuitive interface. Desktop Communicator supports many popular CRM Applications including Salesforce, Zendesk and MS Dynamics.


 CN Cloud Telephony provides the power and flexibility to manage communication in your organisation. While we manage the back end, you have an intuitive web-based portal for monitoring and simple management tasks, giving you visibility, you need and the capacity to manage your users’ requirements day-to-day.

  • Add, move and manage phone extensions as a simple self-serve administrative process across single and multiple sites – not a complex technical process.
  • Keep track of call usage by extension in real-time.
  • Select additional features to enhance your Cloud Telephony service such as voice recording and more.
  • Easy to setup and use voicemail, call transfer, auto-attendant, hunt groups and queues simplify your inbound call management and distribution, allowing you to give your customers a more personalised service experience. While individual user features such as Find Me, Follow Me, and Call Forwarding give users the flexibility and control to manage their individual communications.

This gives your business unprecedented flexibility to adapt and change communication options over time as your team grows and your business evolves – putting you in control of your communications.


 With the Cloud your telephony system extends to wherever you are located either in the office, at home or on the road. A variety of devices can be used to provide access; either a certified IP handset, a PC-based softphone (Cloud Communicator UC client) or a compatible smart phone/tablet client. Also being delivered via the Cloud, and not reliant on premise-based equipment, Cloud Telephony provides a service resilient to business interruption and a quicker path to disaster recovery.


  •  Easily scales up to 200 users
  • Single site and multi-site support
  • End user self-help via web-based interface including enhanced service management, call detail records and voicemail management
  • Automated call management solutions including configurable auto-attendant, call hunt groups and queues
  • Inbound call management solutions for extensions including call forwarding; Find Me, Follow Me and call filters
  • Visual voicemail options including handset-based voicemail, email-based voicemail forwarding or web-based listening and management
  • PBX user directory service
  • Conferences and conferencing management
  • Call monitoring options
  • Call parking
  • Support for wide range of IP handsets and softphones including Auto-provisioning of Yealink, Grandstream and Polycom
  • Support provided by local 24 x 7 Operations Centre
  • Securely hosted in Australia


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Cirus Networks FAQs

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