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What is Access Control?

Access Control is a form of secured or controlled environment, it refers to allowing control over who can gain access to a resource or place. This form of access can take shape in a number of ways, it can also involve an authority that does the controlling. Access control is an everyday action for most people. Getting inside your home with a key is a form of access control. A PIN number on a credit card is another means of access control. The use of Access Control is of paramount importance when businesses seek to secure important information, premises and equipment.

Controlling the access of your staff and visitors on site is only part of what an Access Control system can provide today. Access Control systems can also provide:

  • Protection of equipment
  • Alarm systems – intruder, duress and or plant
  • Tracking of personnel around a site
  • Integration with CCTV systems
  • Biometric Integration

AST Technologies will design, install, service and maintain your Access Control system. We can supply you with a range of access control solutions, ranging from a single door to multiple entry points, we will only supply a solution to best suit your needs. We can install an access control system secured by a pin pad or proximity card reader to restrict access to authorised users.

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