Wi-Fi Hotspot

What is a hotspot?

It is an area or building that offers Internet access over a wireless network through

the use of a router connected to an Internet service provider. Hotspots typically use Wi-Fi technology.

Hotspots may be found in Clubs, Council grounds, Coffee Shops and a large variety of other establishments where people may gather.

People can use a laptop, smartphone, tablet or other suitable devices to access internet via Wi-Fi connection provided. Of all the smart devices and other emerging Wi-Fi devices sold every year most include the Wi-Fi feature.

For sites that have Internet access and want to offer wireless access it can be as simple as configuring one access point to existing network router.

Security is a serious concern in connection with Wi-Fi Hotspots, this is an area that has to be taken care of before you allow internet access to general public. AST Technologies can help with the entire set up.

Businesses have an option to provide free Wi-Fi or charge for access, AST Technologies will help give your Business and your Guests the best possible solution and customer experience, your cost? Very little as it is all about customer satisfaction and repeat business.

We will arrange the broadband, the hardware for your Wi-Fi Access Points, set up your log-on details for guests and a lot more. We can also set up two separate Wi-Fi networks, a secured one for you and your business and a public one for your guests.

To set up a Wi-Fi hotspot, all that is required is Broadband Internet access, ADSL modem and router, or simply contact us and we will do everything for you

It really is that simple!

Wi-Fi Hotspots can be a great option for your business to give the ultimate customer experience that can help you build customer loyalty, with view to bringing new customers and new opportunities.

If you are interested to see how your business would benefit from a Wi-fi Hotspot call us on Ph. 1300 338 266 or email us 

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