Data & Networking

AST Technologies was formed in 2006 and are now a recognised leader in providing effective Data and Telecommunications solutions to a range of SME Businesses.

With many years of complex and specialised industry knowledge as well as an ongoing commitment to improve the delivery of end to end business solutions in Voice, Data, Network, Internet and Mobility. Our Sales and consultancy knowledge is backed up by great technical, design, project management, implementation and after-sales service team.

One of the great advantages that we can offer you is how we leverage our resources to compliment and add to our skills by carefully choosing selected partners for better Data and Telecommunications solutions. This enables us to create a better and more efficient solution for our customers.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we had dial-up as our main access to internet or data networking. Broadband was cost prohibited and way too far into the future to worry about. Data Networking has come a long way since those days. The ability to access incredible high speed connectivity and real-time Data Networking has become a cost effective, hugely advantageous and extremely efficient to our customers.

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