Telstra Business Mobile Plans

If you are serious about getting a mobile that will help you improve how you do business, you’ve come to the right place. When you buy a mobile from us, you won’t just get a great deal, you will also get access to Australia’s best national mobile facility, the Next G network from Telstra. The mobile plans are designed to minimise your business running costs. We have a range of services and features to enhance your business at home and overseas.

Keep your business connected

Be it via mobile, broadband or wi-Fi. Plans to suit all requirements

Solutions that is cost-effective for your fleet.
Range of business mobile plans. They can be used across your entire fleet.

Work away from your office

Mobile broadband provides you with instant wireless access to your emails and the internet when you need to be connected outside the office.

Choose from a range of services to suit your laptop, netbook or tablet.

Business Fleet Connect Plans (BFC Plans)

Business Fleet Connect plans from Telstra offer a comprehensive range of options to fit your business communication needs. With these integrated plans for calling, messaging, emailing or mobile internet browsing in Australia, getting connected has never been easier.

Business Fleet Connect plans boast a range of features

Business Fleet Connect plans boast a range of features

  • Free voice and video calls and SMS, all while in Australia – to eligible mobiles on the same account.
  • Greater value – the more eligible mobile services there are on your account, the lower your call rates.
  • Per second charging, for most standard national calls with the timed calling option.
  • Included data to use in Australia on Business Fleet Connect Plans with a minimum monthly spend of $30 or more.

Options that mean business

  • Data sharing in Australia on eligible plans
  • Voice sharing in Australia on eligible plans
  • Unlimited MessageBank or MessageBank PLUS Unlimited SMS

Please contact us to find out more about these plans, or Ph. 1300 338 266


These new Go Business Mobile Plans are designed to give you a great choice and assist you in taking control of your communication needs and costs.
Go Business Mobile Plans allows you to share your data between services on the same account. The plan allows for BYO mobile or a handset plan.
Go Business Mobile and Go Business Premium Plans replaced the Easy Share Business Plans and Easy Business Plans

Additional inclusions:

  • Your data can be shared with other Go Business Mobile services on your account
  • You can add up to 5 additional data SIMs
  • Extra Data available at $10 per extra Gb.

The Go Business Mobile Premium Plan is a Post-Paid Handset plan aimed at high data users or customers that frequently travel overseas and make lots of international calls. You can also share your included Australian data between eligible services on the same MICA account.

These plans come with:

  • An increase in included call value across plans (compared to Easy Share Business Plans)
  • An increase in included data – more data inclusions (compared to Easy Share Plans) making these plans very competitive in the market. A move away from excess data charges to a better way to charge for extra data.
  • A new Go Business Mobile Team Plan – customers who take up a Go Business Mobile service can now also purchase a Team Plan for their employees to use giving them unlimited standard calls in Australia for only $40 per month! There’s a limit of 5 Team plans per account.
  • A new Go Business Mobile Premium Plan – for those high-spend customers or for customers who travel overseas regularly.
  • New Phone Feeling – No more monthly charges just pay a once off fee on redemption .

Please contact us to find out more about these plans, or Ph. 1300 338 266

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