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Wi-Fi solutions for venues of all sizes


  • Purple helped create an industry wide demand for advanced Wi-Fi.
  • Purple have collected and analysed data across 300 million visits and 34,000 venues. Provide insights for Purple customers to identify patterns and trends.
  • Purple are well established around the world. Purple is deployed in over 160 countries with offices in the UK, US, Australia, Spain and Chile.
  • Purple Wi-Fi solution is secure, scalable and stable.

Guest Wi-Fi as it should be

  • Deliver a frustration-free Wi-Fi connection for guests via Social Wi-Fi
  • Manage every step of your guest Wi-Fi experience
  • Purple Wi-Fi solution provides an overlay to your existing Wi-Fi.
  • Social Wi-Fi enables customers to connect to your Wi-Fi using their social media profiles, ensuring a quick and simple login.
  • You can add social links to your custom splash pages encouraging customers to interact with your brand socially; immediately boosting your social media presence.
  • Purple captive portal then leverages the customer data captured so you can begin to understand who your customers really are by building detailed customer profiles, helping you drive meaningful marketing campaigns.

Personalise your customers experience by speaking their language

  • Purple cloud software recognizes the default language of a user’s device to provide a seamless, multilingual experience.
  • Create multilingual versions of the login, with over 20 languages to choose from for a personalized experience.

 Promote your unique offers during the login journey

Wi-Fi marketing software to suit any business

  • Communicate with your customers in real-time engagement.
  • With Purple Wi-Fi marketing software, send communications in real-time to visitors in your venue.
  • Customers expect a personalized experience.
  • Increase customer retention by sending relevant, real-time communications.
  • These communications are proven to drive spend and increase loyalty.
  • Automatically segment customer.
  • SMS and email marketing made simple
  • Purple email marketing tool is easy to use and building campaigns becomes effortless.

 Make smarter business decisions with Micro and NPS surveys

  • Collect valuable customer feedback to improve your business processes
  • From market research to customer satisfaction,
  • Surveys provide invaluable insights and data that your business can act on.
  • With Purple, you have a captive audience of customers that have visited your venue.
  • For micro surveys
  • Purple has an easy to use micro survey builder to tailor it for personalised feedback.

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