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CCTV Surveillance for Business

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Closed-circuit television (CCTV) allows you to safeguard your business and property every day around the clock.

The CCTV systems that we supply are flexible in their application and are able to seamlessly integrate into most businesses security systems and will provide a large range of benefits to you as a business and your clientele.

CCTV systems have come a long way in the last few years, we are perfectly placed to provide the solution that will meet all your expectations in quality, functionality and affordability.

Majority of the installations have some connectivity or are fully integrated to a Data network, this connectivity provides remote access and control of the CCTV system. Via this application the CCTV system can be programmed for alerts via email or via application to Smartphones or Tablets (Apple or Android).

Benefits that you get by securing your business

  • Huge deterrent for thieves, vandals or intruders.
  • Minimise losses and theft.
  • Large number of cameras can be installed to cover all areas.
  • Capture live and pre-recorded images.
  • Access Images and Video locally or remotely.
  • 24 hour access to view and record, worldwide.
  • Highly effective and affordable.
  • Will help with theft, vandalism and liability claims.
  • Can integrate with access control alarm systems etc.
  • Will help improve safety around the workplace.
  • May help lower insurance costs.
  • Minimal disruptions whilst installing.

Does your business need a CCTV system to protect your premises? Of course it does!!!

Access Control

Access Control is a form of secured or controlled environment, it refers to allowing control over who can gain access to a resource or place. This form of access can take shape in a number of ways, it can also involve an authority that does the controlling. Access control is an everyday action for most people. Getting inside your home with a key is a form of access control. A PIN number on a credit card is another means of access control. The use of Access Control is of paramount importance when businesses seek to secure important information, premises and equipment.

Controlling the access of your staff and visitors on site is only part of what an Access Control system can provide today. Access Control systems can also provide:

  • Protection of equipment
  • Alarm systems – intruder, duress and or plant
  • Tracking of personnel around a site
  • Integration with CCTV systems
  • Biometric Integration

AST Technologies will design, install, service and maintain your Access Control system. We can supply you with a range of access control solutions, ranging from a single door to multiple entry points, we will only supply a solution to best suit your needs. We can install an access control system secured by a pin pad or proximity card reader to restrict access to authorised users.

Why choose AST Technologies?

  • Registered Master Security supplier and installation company
  • Quotations by experienced and professional staff
  • Qualified advice on your security requirements.
  • Only use quality equipment
  • Installation carried out by licensed technicians
  • Maintenance options
  • Options of equipment
  • We have been around since 2006

Whatever your requirements or needs, AST Technologies can provide your business with an affordable and customised CCTV system.

Talk to an expert on Ph: 1300 338 266 or email us  to set up an appointment at your premises.

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