Today is about being mobile or working from home

If you are serious about working from home or have the ability to work away from office, you have come to the right place. AST Technologies can make it happen for you and your business. Whether it is your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, we can keep you working in Australia or overseas. Mobility is the keyword in todays business.

Keep your business connected

With our products we can keep your business connected, be it via mobile network, broadband or wi-Fi. We will design a solution for you that will suit all requirements and are cost-effective for your business.

There are multiple options that will benefit your business

  • Cloud PBX with multiple options
  • On Premise PBX, sharing and mobility
  • International access for voice
  • International access for data

Please contact us to find out more about these plans via email or Ph. 1300 338 266


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June 23, 2022

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June 6, 2022

Which Microsoft Teams Plan to Go With: Free vs M365 Business vs Teams Essentials

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May 10, 2022

5 Things We Advise Clients to Never Do on a Work Computer

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