Video and Audio Conferencing

AST Technologies has introduced Video conferencing to their range of products.

Video Conferencing has never been more affordable than right now. In our challenging financial environment with the requirement to reduce costs, Video Conferencing is emerging as an obvious solution. Until recently, only large corporations and Government departments were able to make use of this great technology, but our well priced solutions have now placed video conferencing within the reach of all business.

Since the introduction of high capacity Broadband at relatively low cost,  the usage of video conferencing equipment has made significant inroads into a range of business and industry groups including Education, Media, Health Care, Manufacturing and any organisation with more than one office or branch.

When business disruption costs money or travel is not an option, Video Conferencing solutions from AST Technologies make it simple for companies to get a quick return on their investment. These are real and measurable savings.

AST Technologies Video Conferencing solutions are not only for the boardroom, but offices, conference rooms, traveling business people and remote workers. These solutions are designed to increase productivity and minimise disruption to your business.

Some industries already using Video Conferencing:

  • Legal Firms
  • Financial and Accounting Services
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil Gas and Energy
  • Mining Industry
  • State and Local Government
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Multiple Branch businesses
  • Many more

Polycom.  The audio conference phone that set the standard.

Why settle for an ordinary, handset speakerphone when you can use a Polycom SoundStation?  Unlike other speakerphones that only allow one person to talk at a time, Polycom’s breakthrough Acoustic Clarity Technology lets you have natural, free-flowing two-way discussions.  Conference calls are not only more productive, but also much more efficient.

While on a conference call, have you ever tried to interrupt someone who was making a point you did not agree with? Well, SoundStation enables you to speak at the same time as someone else so you don’t have to wait for him or her to stop talking before you can break in.

Polycom SoundStation Features:

  • Echo cancellation and suppression adapts automatically to changing rooms and telephone lines
  • Mute buttons/dual color LED status lights span
  • Integrated keypad eliminates the need for a separate phone
  • Powerful speaker
  • Three quality cardioid microphones
  • Full-duplex operation makes conversation natural and clear

Some of our solution partners include:

  • Polycom large range of teleconferencing equipment, contact us for a full range of products

Contact us to get more information on Ph: 1300 338 266 or by email

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