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In the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, and Shoalhaven, many businesses primarily use phone systems as their main method of communication with clients. Our NEC Univerge Blue Connect cloud phone system incorporates advanced features such as queues, auto attendants, call recording, and voicemail-to-email transcriptions, enhancing operational efficiency. However, one critical but often overlooked aspect is the capability of detailed reporting.

Understanding the nuances of how calls are handled within your phone system provides invaluable insights into the customer service operations of your business.

In-Depth Reporting with NEC Univerge Blue Connect

NEC Univerge Blue Connect includes a sophisticated dashboard accessible via any web browser, offering both live and historical data on how interactions with your business are managed. This functionality is especially useful in environments like call centres, which may operate several queues tailored for different customer needs—such as those for new customers.

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Detailed Review of Call Activities:

Immediately Connected: Ideally, calls are immediately connected to an operator post-selection from the auto attendant menu, ensuring the best possible customer experience. In the current scenario, 23% of calls achieved this immediate connection.

Connected After Queueing: Approximately 27% of callers were connected after waiting in a queue, automatically routed to the next available operator based on the system’s intelligent setup.

Routed by Choice: Callers have the option to press a digit during hold to be routed to a different department or to leave a voicemail, which is then transcribed and emailed. In this analysis, 2.3% of callers used this feature.

Timed Out: We set a queue timeout at 2 minutes. Over 40% of callers exceeded this limit, leading them to leave a voicemail for a callback. High timeout rates may indicate a need for more efficient call handling or additional resources.

Abandoned Calls: Calls where customers disconnect without leaving a message represent a critical loss and indicate potential dissatisfaction. The system logs these missed opportunities for possible follow-up.

Failed Due to Maximum Callers: This category, though not applicable in this data set, refers to the system’s capacity to limit queue numbers, redirecting excess callers to other departments or to voicemail.

Other Categories: Depending on system configuration, additional categories may capture various other outcomes.

Through detailed analysis of this data and other reports, we identified significant issues with resource allocation in the call centre during peak periods. To address these, the business adjusted staff shifts, modified queue times, and implemented overflow automation to allow managerial intervention during high traffic periods. A real-time dashboard was also introduced to monitor the status of active and queued calls throughout the day.

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Impactful Results:

Post-implementation, 98% of callers now successfully connect with an agent, leading to increased sales. Notably, customer and staff satisfaction have improved, thanks to reduced customer frustration and enhanced flexibility for remote work. This advanced solution not only upgraded the existing phone service but also decreased costs and increased revenue, demonstrating the powerful impact of effective communication management with NEC Univerge Blue Connect.

To explore how these enhancements can benefit your business, contact our phone solution experts today. We will review your current system and develop a customised solution that meets your specific business needs.