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Growing up, Steve Jobs (apple) once helped his father build a fence around their family home in Mountain View. While working, his father shared a piece of advice with Jobs: “You’ve got to make the back of the fence, that nobody will see, just as good looking as the front of the fence.” “Even though nobody will see it, you will know, and that will show that you’re dedicated to making something perfect.

We follow a similar philosophy at AST Technologies. Take pride in your work and ensure every little detail, no matter how small is as good as it can be. Here you can see our installer taking photos of the mounting of the large screen, placement of hardware, and interestingly, the cupboard underneath where power supply, cables & devices are hidden away. Its rare installers would take a photo of this cupboard as it’s usually a rats nest of cables. I mean, who sees it anyway? Just chuck it in and close the door.

By taking the time to neatly mount devices, route cables, label components and provide a diagram outlining the wiring of the solution, we’ve achieved a number of benefits of this video conferencing system for the client.

    1. Heat is reduced. Reducing clutter in such a small space improves airflow, reduces heat and extends the life of devices.

    2. Support is improved. If the client calls us with an issue, we can guide them over the phone to check clearly labelled components, reducing the need for an onsite visit and costs to the client in the future.


    3. Easy maintenance.  Anyone opening the cupboard will be able to easily understand the setup of the solution. This includes 3rd partys such as other IT companies, electricians & facilities maintenance staff.




The clients brief was fulfilled. “A user friendly AV solution where Microsoft Teams & Zoom calls could be joined with one click, and anyone could present on the screen by plugging in a wireless dongle to their laptop”.

Av On

The video conferencing system automatically wakes when someone enters the room, displaying any booked meetings on the screen and tablet.  To start a meeting the client taps the meeting on the tablet and the meeting starts automatically.  Wireless rechargeable microphones can be placed on the large board room table to improve sound pick up during larger meetings.  The camera automatically adjusts to the people in the room, framing the video automatically.  A wireless dongle can be plugged into any PC or Mac, immediately sharing that devices screen without the need for drivers or the user to be on the companies network.

More importantly, we took the time to do things right. We provided onsite training and step by step custom user guide as well.

You can learn more about the video conferencing solutions we provide here.

If you’d like us to transform your meeting or boardroom into a video conferencing oasis we’d love to assist. Get in contact today and we’ll perform a no obligation site audit and quotation.  We install AV solutions in the Illawarra, Souther Highlands, Shoalhaven & Southern Sydney.