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AST Starlink professional installation

Have you recently received the Starlink Installation Kit or are you exploring options for obtaining Starlink’s equipment for a commercial installation? Look no further, as our team of professional Starlink installers is fully equipped to set up your new Starlink system. We follow the specific wireless installation guidelines outlined by the ACMA (Australian Communications Media Authority). Our installation experts ensure that your service is not only set up correctly but also rigorously tested to achieve and maintain optimal speeds.

To ensure your Starlink dish operates at its best, we place it in an optimal location with a clear view of the satellites, away from any obstructions. Whether it’s on your roof, eaves, guttering, or another strategic spot that guarantees uninterrupted speeds and low latency, we’ve got you covered. In addition to the outdoor satellite installation, our team will expertly route the provided data cable from the roof to the internal Wi-Fi router (the Starlink handoff point), strategically positioning it at a central location within your business. This setup ensures an even distribution of the internal Wi-Fi signal, providing you with the best Starlink internet coverage throughout your premises.

Our highly skilled installation team is well-prepared for any type of dwelling, whether it’s a two-story building, a business or commercial property, or a rural farm. We have the right Starlink mounts, tools, and equipment at our disposal to handle a variety of installation scenarios.

AST Technologies is your trusted professional Starlink installation company, with field-trained technicians serving the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, and South Coast regions. Our team is dedicated to preparing, configuring, and testing all aspects of your Starlink service. We pride ourselves on using quality Australian-made mounts, parts, and providing top-notch installations carried out by our experienced install engineers.

Contact us today to organise your business Starlink installation on 02 4228 2000.