July 15, 2020

COVID Safe – Facial Recognition, Thermal Temperature & Access Control Terminal

Integrated Thermal Body Temperature Sensor

If your business or venue requires temperature checking all your staff, clients or visitors before entering your premises, checkout this device. It will save you time, money and help you make your business COVID Safe.

Integrated deep-learning Infrared thermal facial recognition, this device supports infrared temperature measurement, voice alarm, body temperature statistics, abnormal body temperature logging & reporting.

The Smart temperature terminal achieves accurate infrared temperature measurement with data display of body temperature and voice alarm. Fast and accurate body temperature measurement with long-distance detection to minimise close interactions.

This system runs completely autonomous to allow temperature screening with less human interaction.


  • Commercial Building/Community
  • Medical Centre / Doctor’s Surgery
  • Cinema
  • School/Camp
  • Bank/Hotel


  • Built-in non-contact thermal temperature measurement module and biometric system
  • Temperature measurement from 35℃ to 42℃ with ±3℃ deviation.
  • Voice alarm on abnormal body temperature detection
  • Built in MEGVII’s FACE++, the deep-learning facial recognition technology
  • Supports face database of 50,000 pictures, 100ms fast identification
  • Supports face recognition, face mask recognition, body temperature measurement
    Excellent environmental adaptability for low light levels and strong backlight, compensation.
  • Automated Log of User Temperature & Information
  • 1/2.8” 2MP line-by-line scanning image sensor, excellent low illumination
  • 8-inch LCD display screen, effective pixels: 1920*1080 @30fps
  • Support 2D, 3D digital noise reduction technology, clean picture, small noise
  • Support H.265+ /H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG video compression algorithm, multilevel video quality configuration, coding complexity settings
  • Support Linux, with stable and extendable software architecture
  • Rich port design with Ethernet port, Wiegand port, relay port
  • Power consumption: 5W
  • Ultra-thin all-aluminium alloy metal casing with stylish design
  • Support installation on Turnstile / Pole and wall Mount


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